Past Art Fair

Fine Art Asia 2014

04 Oct - 07 Oct  |  2014
Chang JinNie OuShi HuYu HuiMan Fung-yiChua Ek KayZao Wou-Ki
A selection of Important Modern and Contemporary Chinese artists

At Fine Art Asia 2014, Alisan Fine Arts presented a selection of paintings by six important modern and contemporary Chinese artists. They included internationally renowned Zao Wou-ki, acclaimed landscape artist Chang Jin, important Singapore ink artist Chua Ek Kay, noted for her figures in ink on rural life Nie Ou, innovative portrait painter Shi Hu; as well as Yu Hui, famous Gongbi style woman artist. Artworks included Chinese ink paintings, oil on canvas and prints. Besides, Zao Wou-ki who left for Paris in 1948 and Chua Ek Kay who left for Singapore in 1953; the other 4 artists all remained in China and lived through the Cultural Revolution. While their works vary in style, together they represent a generation of ink artists who developed new concepts while working with the age-old brush and ink tradition, to further advance Chinese ink painting in China today. In addition, Man Fung-yi local Hong Kong woman sculptor’s famous “Cheongsam” sculpture was included, which was previously exhibited at Louis Vuitton in Taipei this year.