Past Art Fair

Art Basel Hong Kong 2022

25 May - 29 May  |  2022
Chao Chung-HsiangCheuk Ka-wai, CherieFay MingHui Hoi-kiu, AngelLee Chin-fai, DannyLee Chun-yiLui Shou-KwanTing WalasseWang TiandeXu JianguoXu Lei
Past & Present Landscapes

Represented Artists: Chao Chung-Hsiang, Cheuk Ka-Wai, Cherie, Ming Fay, Hui Hoi-Kiu, Angel, Lee Chun-Yi, Lee Chin-Fai, Danny, Lui Shou-Kwan, Walasse Ting, Wang Tiande, Xu Jianguo, Xu Lei
Chinyee, Dong Wensheng, Han Lei, Hung Fai, Ngai Wing-Lam, Ant, Pan Yingguo, Cynthia Sah

Other projects:
- Large-scale Public Installations
- Gallery Artist participating in Tram Project
- HK Gallery Association’s Fundraising exhibition

Art Basel Hong Kong VIP Programs:
Saturday, May 28
11am-12pm, In person & virtual tour, Rediscovering Chao Chung-Hsiang, Central Gallery (Facebook live)
10am-11am, Virtual talk with 4 women artists, THROUGH THE LENSES, Aberdeen Gallery (Zoom)

Alisan Fine Arts is pleased to announce our participation in Art Basel Hong Kong 2022 as well as the numerous activities surrounding the fair. At our booth we will showcase a curated selection of paintings and sculptures based on “Past & Present Landscapes". The selected works include 20th century modern art, contemporary ink art, feminist art, sculptures and installations, with a strong focus on Chinese Diaspora and New Ink Art.

We are also proud to announce that two of the gallery’s artists: Ming Fay and Angel Hui Hoi-Kiu were selected to showcase their large scale installations in the public area of the exhibition hall. Furthermore, we are excited to share that Cherrie Cheuk Ka-Wai was invited to present her new work on a Hong Kong tramcar that will travel around the city from May 15 to June 11 to publisize Art Basel to the community at large.

Lastly, in addition to participating in Art Basel’s VIP program, artist Barbara Edelstein’s photography and ink work will be for sale at Hong Kong Art Gallery Association’s fundraising booth to raise funds for the Association. Booth location is institution booth 2, 1/F concourse. More of Edelstein’s work can be viewed at our Aberdeen Gallery until 31 May as part of the current group exhibition: Through the Lenses.

Modern Masters on Display
Chinese diaspora artists Chao Chung-Hsiang (1919-1991) and Walasse Ting (1928-2010): two important 20th century artists who are influenced by the New York Schools and are well known for their vibrant paintings will showcase mostly never before seen small scale paintings. Lui Shou-Kwan (1919-1975), the pioneer of the New Ink Movement will have several of his iconic Zen Paintings and abstract landscapes on display. In recent years, Lui’s works have been exhibited in numerous important ink exhibitions at major museums around the world. Chinese-American artists Xu Jianguo’s beautiful Song dynasty style cityscapes of Eastern Europe, and Shanghai-based avant-garde ink artist Wang Tiande’s unique burn marks ink landscapes will be on display at the booth.

New Work created for Alisan’s booth
Artists that will be presenting new works at our booth include: Xu Lei, a contemporary ink artist from Beijing, who is internationally recognized for his meticulous and surreal paintings. His new landscapes interlace the aesthetic characteristics of two ancient masters, Li Gonglin from Chinese Song Dynasty and Giotto from the Italian Renaissance. Lee Chun-Yi, cosmopolitan artist from Taiwan, creates his latest photographic like ink paintings “Emoji Landscape”, “Peony” and “Rose” with gunpowder, emojis, hand-made paper, and his unique rubbing technique. Cheuk Ka-Wai, Cherie, a young woman painter from Hong Kong who specializes in Chinese Gongbi paintings, has created a new series of auspicious bird paintings called “Lingering Clouds”, inspired by Tao Yunming’s ancient poems. Cheuk was invited to showcase one of her new works on a Hong Kong Tram that will help promote Art Basel to the public. Lee Chin-Fai, Danny, a famous Hong Kong sculptor, created a new work in stainless steel from his signature “Mountain & Streams” series.

Special Large Scale Installations
Ming Fay, a New York-based sculptor and installation artist, will be showcasing a new iteration of his large scale installation “Garden of Life” made up of roughly 20 larger than life fruits and the “Money Tree” which will be hanging above from the ceiling in the public space of the hall in front of the gallery’s booth 1B20. His work symbolizes the relationship between people and nature. Angel Hui Hoi-Kiu, an emerging Hong Kong woman artist, will showcase a large scale installation that mimics Hong Kong's Goldfish Market (Tung Choi Street). Made with a series of 18 embroidered goldfish on plastic bags. This new work will be displayed in location EN4 of the hall.