Past Art Fair

Asia Now - Paris Asian Art Fair

20 Oct - 23 Oct  |  2022
Hui Hoi-kiu, AngelLee Chun-yiWang MengshaWang TiandeYang JiechangTing Walasse
Alisan Fine Arts is excited to announce our debut in Asia Now - Paris Asian Art Fair in October with a group exhibition showcasing six contemporary Chinese artists from mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, US and France who as a group have created a new visual language that embodies different aspects of Chinese culture while responding to the contemporaneous. They include diaspora artists, Walasse Ting and Yang Jiechang; innovative avant-garde ink artist, Wang Tiande; cosmopolitan Taiwan artist, Lee Chun-Yi; as well as two emerging women artists, Hui Hoi-Kiu, Angel and Wang Mengsha.

In line with Asia Now’s focus on fire and ceramic practices, we will showcase Yang Jiechang's powerful new paintings portraying towering clouds in the dark sky, echoing Guimet Museum’s current exhibition Carte Blanche à Yang Jiechang which continues until 24 October. Also on display are Wang Tiande’s burn mark paintings and Hui Hoi-Kiu’s ceramic “tissue paper” and ink paintings of Kraak ware porcelain plates.