Past Art Fair

Art Basel Hong Kong 2023

21 Mar - 25 Mar  |  2023
Chao Chung-HsiangChinyeeHao ShimingHui Hoi-kiu, AngelHung KeungNgai Wing-Lam, AntSah, CynthiaTai XiangzhouTing WalasseWei LigangZhang XiaoliZhang YirongLin Guocheng
Art Basel VIP Programme
Opening Reception: Ink Alchemy 20 March, 5pm-7pm, Central Gallery
Artists Talk 24 March, 11am-12:30pm, Central Gallery

Alisan Fine Arts is pleased to announce our participation in Art Basel Hong Kong 2023, featuring a curated selection of works by 13 contemporary Chinese artists from internationally known to emerging. With art forms ranging from ink art, oil painting, sculpture, NFT and digital installation, we hope to showcase the diversity of Chinese contemporary art at its best.

Highlights include emerging Hong Kong artist Ngai Wing-Lam, Ant’s surreal landscape; Wei Ligang and Hao Shiming's abstract works inspired by calligraphy; Tai Xiangzhou’s cosmic landscape; Hong Kong artist Hung Keung's B/W digital installation plus his NFTs from the same series. And lastly, ink artist Lin Guocheng's scholar gardens. While Lin is known in mainland China, this is the first time his paintings will be shown at Art Basel Hong Kong.

Other works include those by Chinese diaspora artists, Walasse Ting, Chao Chung-Hsiang, and Chinyee. Each of them is internationally renowned for their East meets West artistic style. By using bright colours or abstract forms inspired by western art, they have each developed a unique vocabulary rooted in their Eastern heritage. Signatures include Ting's flowers and fruits as well as his three beauties; Chao's dynamic ink paintings of flowers and birds; and Chinyee's abstract expressionist oil paintings.

To round off the presentation, we will showcase the works of four other female artists: emerging ink painter Zhang Yirong's B/W flowers, Zhang Xiaoli's landscapes in boxes, Hui Hoi-Kiu Angel's well-known "Tissue box" installation, and Italian Chinese sculptor Cynthia Sah's refined white marble sculptures.

During Art Basel Hong Kong, Lin Guocheng, Tai Xiangzhou, Zhang Xiaoli, and Zhang Yirong’s work will be concurrently featured at Alisan Central’s group exhibition Ink Alchemy while Cheuk Ka-Wai, Cherie, Hui Hoi-Kiu, Angel, Lee Chun-Yi, Wang Tiande, Wei Ligang and Zheng Chongbin’s work are on display at the Hong Kong Museum of Art; and Hung Keung’s work is on show at the Hong Kong Palace Museum, Hong Kong Museum of Art, and the Clock Tower in Tsim Sha Tsui.