Past Art Fair

ART SG 2024

18 Jan - 21 Jan  |  2024
Chao Chung-HsiangChinyeeChou IreneHao ShimingLin GuochengLui Shou-KwanMui Ngo-suet, CharlotteNgai Wing-Lam, AntPan, Ren LightTiffanie Ting Ting WalasseWang, KellyWei Ligang
Alisan Fine Arts is excited to return to the second edition of ART SG, where we will be showcasing a variety of works by 13 Chinese contemporary artists ranging from established to emerging. Our booth selection includes Chao Chung-Hsiang, Chinyee, Irene Chou, Lui Shou-Kwan, Walasse Ting, alongside ink innovators Wei Ligang, Hao Shiming and Lin Guocheng, and 5 emerging female artists, namely Mui Ngo-suet, Charlotte, Ngai Wing-Lam, Ant, Ren Light Pan, Tiffanie Ting, Kelly Wang, showing the breadth of the gallery’s artists. For Hao Shiming, Mui Ngo-suet, Charlotte, Ngai Wing-Lam, Ant, Ren Light Pan, and Kelly Wang, this will be their debut in Singapore.

Modern Masters

Highlights include works from pioneers, such as, Chao Chung-Hsiang’s Glow of Life, which embodies Chao’s signature fluorescent colour-blocks that float upon ink-wash images that fuse East-West aesthetics; Chinyee’s Untitled, which is an abstract-expressionist work with her distinct gestural brushwork; Irene Chou’s Untitled 2, that captures succinctly her one-stroke technique; Lui Shou-Kwan’s Fishing Boats, a semi-abstract piece that testifies the artist’s transition from pictorial to abstract paintings; and Walasse Ting’s Three Beauties Holding Floral Fans, Whispering Earnestly, celebrating life with the artist’s unique blend of fluorescent acrylic and ink brushstrokes.

Ink Innovators

For artists that innovate within the ink tradition, we include Wei Ligang’s Wei’s Landscapes Birds and Flowers series, a novel series that incorporates his calligraphic brushworks into landscapes; Hao Shiming’s Release 202312, in which the artist deconstructs lines to reconstruct them into an ever-growing web of roots with heavy calligraphic touch; and Lin Guocheng’s Mindfulness Graph, where a pair of elm trees are situated in the middle of the artist’s signature, perspectival “box”, providing an air of contemplation for viewers.

Emerging Female Artists

For emerging female artists, we showcase Mui Ngo-suet, Charlotte’s home-cooked dishes series, where she makes use of vibrant colours and personified food subjects on a circular paper canvas to depict her family delicacies; Ngai Wing-Lam, Ant’s Watching the Plants with Heart (I) and (II), featuring her people with fish-heads in familiar landscape; Ren Light Pan’s Joni Mitchell, “Both Sides Now”, which documents the struggle of the artist’s own life journey; Tiffanie Ting’s Good Company, Stanley Fishing Village, Hong Kong, 3.18. 2019, that depicts a mundane yet strangely familiar foreign and peaceful seaside; Kelly Wang’s Cloud Dragon I, which features the artist’s recomposition of traditional landscape through innovative methods, such as the tearing of paper, using resin and unconventional paper as medium, and montage technique.

VIP Preview
18 January, Thursday, 2 PM – 5PM

18 January, Thursday, 5 PM – 9 PM

19 January, Friday, 12 PM – 7 PM
20 January, Saturday, 11 AM – 7 PM
21 January, Sunday, 11 AM – 5 PM