Past Art Fair

Art Basel Hong Kong 2015

15 Mar - 17 Mar  |  2015
Wei LigangZhang YirongMan Fung-yiMok Yat-sanGao XingjianTing WalasseYang Qi
Selected Artists:
Gao Xingjian, Man Fung-yi, Mok Yat-san
Walasse Ting, Wei Ligang, Yang Qi, Zhang Yirong
Ink Demonstration by Wei Ligang

Alisan Fine Arts has been a pioneer in the field of Contemporary Chinese Art and New Ink Art for over 30 years. During Art Basel Hong Kong 2015, Alisan Fine Arts focused on modern ink art, a medium that recently has gained much deserved attention in the international art world. We featured new works by seven Chinese ink innovators who work in various styles including abstract landscape, nudes, modern calligraphy, and even sculptures and installation, which can be interpreted as three-dimensional, ink paintings.