Mui Ngo-suet, Charlotte

1996, Hong Kong


An emerging artist working mainly in watercolours and digital, Charlotte Muis work often reflects her own experiences, visions, and dreams while drawing inspiration from mythologies, art history, theatre, popular culture and home. While Mui did not receive formal art training and instead, studied English Literature and Art History at the University of Hong Kong, obtaining her BA in 2018, she has always enjoyed painting and as a child has won numerous international and local awards for her work. After a decade of painting competitively, Mui continues to search for her own voice and mode of expression. In 2020, she completed and created her own deck of Tarot cards, L’Œil de LÂme Tarot, which she uses exclusively for her fortune-telling endeavours.  Mui is currently working full time at Asia Art Archive.

French May Arts Festival Associated Project 2021 Chinese Surrealism is Alisan Fine Arts first time working with the artist.