Hung Keung

1970 Kunming, Yunnan, China


Hong Kong-based Hung Keung is known for his interactive installations that integrate film, video and digital new media with classical Chinese themes of philosophy, art and literature. One of his best known interactive projects Dao Gives Birth to One (2009–2012) examined and visualized the relationship between human beings and the Daoist notion of “ten thousand things”. Through his innovative and completely original interactive strategies, Hung creates novel ways for audiences to experience and engage with traditional themes and concepts.

Everywhere is the artist’s interpretation of “three distances” (三遠)—the three ways Chinese artists traditionally expressed distance in landscape painting—as well as the concept of “perceiving details from a macroscopic perspective” (以大觀小). Hung has expanded the viewing experience to the four-dimensional. Viewers are engaged within a virtual scene, where hundreds of Chinese characters in the form of radicals are projected on the wall and move in constant motion, clustering around moving objects. The characters include the words for human being, power, success, which according to the artist, represent a blessing from him to the city where he grew up. The new work from this series is on display at Hong Kong Palace Museum's exhibition From Dawn to Dusk: Life in the Forbidden City in 2022-23.

Hung Keung received his BA from the Fine Arts department of The Chinese University of Hong Kong, MA in film and video from Central Saint Martins, London, and PhD from Zurich University of the Arts and University of Plymouth, UK, in digital media and Chinese philosophy. He is currently an Associate Professor in the Department of Cultural and Creative Arts at the Education University of Hong Kong.

Alisan Fine Arts has been included his works in one of the gallery's landmark exhibitions A Legacy of Ink: Lui Shou-Kwan 40 Years On at Hong Kong Arts Centre in 2015, and POP ROCK in 2021 is our second time working with the artist. His work is included in the inaugural exhibition of Hong Kong Palace Museum No Boundaries: Reinterpreting Palace Museum Culture (Gallery 7) in 2022-2023.