Past Exhibition

LUI Shou-kwan — ZEN INK ART

04 Oct - 07 Oct  |  2013
Lui Shou-Kwan Catalogue
LUI Shou-kwan (1919 Guangzhou, China – 1975 Hong Kong) is recognized as Hong Kong’s pioneer in the “New Ink Painting” movement. In the early years, he focused on literati ink painting and the highly refined court style, but later he strove to free himself from the rigidity of classical tradition. Through his persistent experimentation and dedication, as early as the 1950s he established a new standard in Chinese ink painting for future generations of Chinese artists. Lui called his innovative abstract ink painting “Zen Painting”.

Participating in the FINE ART ASIA 2013, Alisan Fine Arts is proud to present a solo exhibition of Lui Shou-kwan’s Chinese ink works, around 25 paintings executed between 1962 and 1975, featuring his famous Zen Painting and Abstract Landscape, as well as Hong Kong and Taiwan landscape. Exhibition catalogue will be published.

Exhibition continues from 9 October through 9 November at Alisan Fine Arts.