Past Exhibition


06 Mar - 22 Mar  |  2018
Chu ChuWang MengshaZhang YirongCheuk Ka-wai, CherieChou IreneFang ZhaolingHui PatMan Fung-yiZhang XiaoliChinyeeHui Pat & Wong Wucius
A charity exhibition celebrating the works of outstanding contemporary Chinese women artists

Chinyee, Irene Chou, Fang Zhaoling,
Pat Hui, Kassia Ko, Man Fung-yi,
Cherie Cheuk Ka-wai, Chu Chu, Wang Mengsha,
Zhang Xiaoli and Zhang Yirong

In the presence of the artists

“Art is the highest form of Hope” — Gerhart Richter

Join us and a host of internationally-distinguished Chinese women artists at the exclusive opening reception of “HOPE”, a charity exhibition celebrating contemporary Chinese art. Your participation will support a great cause as a portion of sales will directly benefit the Hong Kong Adventist Hospital Foundation (HKAHF), the charity dedicated to helping Hong Kong’s disadvantaged people in need of medical treatment.

To coincide with International Women’s Day, Alisan Fine Arts is proud to present “HOPE”, a group exhibition celebrating the works of 11 outstanding Chinese women artists. These talented women traversing several generations and different backgrounds are known for their distinctive work across several media.

Of particular note among this inspiring group are Fang Zhaoling and Irene Chou, influential and innovative Chinese ink masters from Hong Kong, and Chinyee, a Chinese American artist who left China in 1947 for New York to pursue art at the height of American Abstract Expressionism. On display will be paintings, photography, calligraphy and sculptures created by these incredible women. The exhibition will highlight the innovation, diversity, achievements and success of Chinese women artists by using this group as a representation of contemporary women artists over the last century.

One may jump to the conclusion that men’s historical dominance in Chinese society would be reflected in the art world. However, as suggested by the title “HOPE” the situation was not so simple. Since ancient times, a handful of pioneering female artists, such as legendary calligrapher Madame Wei of the Jin Dynasty (265-420), struggled to engage in the male-dominated art discourse of the last millennium, despite restraints placed upon Chinese women by tradition-bound Confucian society. Over the years, conditions for Chinese female artists evolved, and during the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911), The Jade Terrace History of Calligraphy and The Jade Terrace History of Painting were published, both devoted exclusively to artistic accomplishments by women. More recently, in our post-Mao contemporary Chinese art era, female artists have had unprecedented opportunities. Formerly, it was believed that lack of education was a desirable female virtue. Today however, Chinese art school attendance is equal among women and men. In 2014, Alisan Fine Arts held an inspirational exhibition, “Beyond the Jade Terrace” to showcase four young emerging female artists who benefited from the post-Mao reform. We are pleased to announce that three of those artists, Chu Chu, Wang Mengsha and Zhang Yirong are included in the “HOPE” exhibition.

Other artists in the exhibition include talented Hong Kong artists Pat Hui, Man Fung-yi and Kassia Ko, as well as young emerging artists Cherie Cheuk Ka-wai and Zhang Xiaoli.

While improvements were being felt in the post-Mao era in mainland China, conditions across the border in Hong Kong were also changing. Where Fang and Chou had to struggle, artists in the 1980’s were benefiting from Hong Kong’s economic and cultural growth. Pat Hui, Man Fung-yi and Kassia Ko belong to this generation of women. Since the new millennium, Hong Kong has seen a rapid growth in the number of galleries, art fairs, museums, and auction houses. Today, as a result of these developments, Hong Kong is now considered one of the centres of the global art market. Artists Cherie Cheuk and Zhang Xiaoli are among the beneficiaries of this ever-expanding vibrant cultural scene, which has given them a platform to express their art and showcase their unique talents.

Alisan Fine Arts and the artists will donate a portion of the proceeds from the “HOPE” exhibition to support Women of Hope, an awards fundraiser founded in 2014 by the Hong Kong Adventist Hospital Foundation. Women of Hope’s goal is to recognize influential women in Hong Kong who champion the call for social justice for women, children and the community, as well as ladies who continue to astound Hong Kong with their ability to create, inspire and offer hope. In this same spirit, the “HOPE” exhibition honours these women artists and their contribution to the contemporary arts.

Proceeds raised will help the underprivileged who do not have the financial means and immediate access to care and provide them with PET/CT scans, MRI, (referred by Queen Mary and Tuen Mun Hospitals) Tomotherapy (referred by Hospital Authority) and Mammogram & breast ultrasound (referred by several local women NGOs).

About the Hong Kong Adventist Hospital Foundation (HKAHF)
Hong Kong Adventist Hospital Foundation (HKAHF) was established in 1999 with a mission to assist and support financially disadvantaged people in need of medical treatment in Hong Kong, China, and Asia. Through its individual funds including the Adventist Heart Fund, Cancer Fund, Children’s Hearing Fund, Children’s Orthopedic Fund, Eye Fund, Otological Service Fund, Medical Fund, Development Fund and Healthy Lifestyle Fund, HKAHF strives to positively impact the community and make life-changing differences in the lives of underprivileged children, adults, and the elderly.