Past Exhibition

Affordable Art

04 Dec - 31 Dec  |  2021
ChinyeeHui Pat & Wong WuciusKan Tai-keungT’ang HaywenVerdier FabienneCai Wen-You Edelstein BarbaraWang DalinYang Qi Yu Jen-chihWang Mengsha
For Southside Saturday, Alisan Fine Arts-Aberdeen is pleased to organize an exhibition featuring a selection of affordable art for the month of December to coincide with the holiday gift giving season. The works of 12 artists priced from HK$4,500 to $25,000 will be on display. Artists include Cai Wen-You, Chinyee, Barbara Edelstein, Pat Hui & Wucius Wong, Kan Tai-Keung, T'ang Haywen, Fabienne Verdier, Wang Dalin, Wang Mengsha, Yang Qi, and Yu Jen-chih using various medium from ink on paper to photography, collage, prints and video.

Please note: for the holiday month of December Alisan Aberdeen will be open every Saturday 10-6. All other times by appointment only.