Asian Cultural Council Fellows Annual Exhibition 2018: A Charity Exhibition of Works by ACC Alumni

Publisher: Alisan Fine Arts
This catalogue accompanies the Asian Cultural Council (ACC) Fellows first Annual Showcase fundraising event at the Central Gallery of Alisan Fine Arts. J D Rockefeller III established the ACC in 1963 with the mission of promoting international understanding through meaningful, immersive cross-cultural engagements. Our relationship with the ACC dates back to 1986, when our Gallery Founder Alice King helped to establish ACC’s Friends' Committee in Hong Kong, subsequently serving as its Vice-Chairman. Similar to ACC, which, through the awarding of fellowship grants, fosters transformative for cultural exchange in the arts between the US and Asia, Alisan Fine Arts encourages the bridging of East and West through our promotion of Chinese artists in Hong Kong and abroad. The art on display in the ACC Fellows Annual Showcase testifies to the vibrancy and talent fostered by the support of the ACC; these are works that challenge, motivate and inspire. Exhibited ACC Alumni Artists: Chu Hing-wah, Lam Tung Pang, Wei Ligang, Fiona Wong Lai-Ching, Zhang Jianjun