Enriching Steles: Ink Art by Lee Chun-yi

Publisher: Alisan Fine Arts
Price: HK$250
The publication of this catalogue coincides with Alisan Fine Arts first solo exhibition for Lee Chun-yi, the artist's first solo exhibition in Hong Kong for over twenty years. The content draws particular attention to the classical elements of Lee's practice, including ink rubbing, calligraphy, carving, and printing, and the fusion of these timeless elements into a revolutionary style associated with the influence of the artist's mentor Liu Kuo-sung. This catalogue includes a foreword by Director Daphne King; scholarly essay "Enriching Steles: Lee Chun-yi’s Renewal of an Ancient Aesthetic" by Aida Yuen Wong, Nathan Cummings and Robert B. and Beatrice C. Mayer Chair in Fine Arts and Professor of Fine Arts at Brandeis University; and over 15 colour plates.

20 colour plates, 70 pages, soft cover