Past Art Fair

Ink Asia 2023

04 Oct - 08 Oct  |  2023
Chou IreneChu ChuFan YanFang ZhaolingGu GanHui Hoi-kiu, AngelKan Tai-KeungLee Chin-fai, DannyLee Chun-yiLin GuochengLui EddieLui Shou-KwanMak WinnieMan Fung-yiTing WalasseWang MengshaWang TiandeWei LigangZhang XiaoliZhang YingZhang YirongZheng Chongbin
Founded in 1981, Alisan Fine Arts (AFA) has been at the forefront of promoting contemporary ink art locally and internationally, as well as championing female artists, be they emerging or established. To showcase the variety and depth of ink painting, this year’s booth showcases the works of 22 ink artists with a heavy emphasis on female artists, including Fang Zhaoling, and Irene Chou, early female pioneers in the ink movement. With these artists mostly coming from Hong Kong and China, Alisan Fine Arts exemplifies the cultural connection between the entrepot and its motherland. Together, these artists represent the enduring spirit and ever-evolving nature of ink art. Their works, while diverse in style and approach, are united in their reverence for tradition and their pursuit of innovation. They remind us that the essence of Chinese ink painting is not static but is a living, breathing entity, evolving with time yet rooted in centuries-old traditions.

Lecture: "Summoning Memories: Ink Art Beyond Chinese Traditions" by Dr. Susan L. Beningson, Independent curator & Professor of Asian Art History, New York University 6 Oct, 5:00pm-6:00pm, INK ASIA lecture hall, Hall 3C

Tram Project: The image of Wang Mengsha’s paintings, As One Wishes 2 and As One Wishes 3, have been selected to promote Ink Asia on the HK Trams.

Public Installation: Booth K2 featuring Kan Tai Keung's In Woods and Mountains & Danny Lee Chin Fai's Landscape Installation

FAA Special Project: Booth A16 - The Aesthetics of Wandering
Presenting artists: Cui Zifan, Hao Shiming, Kum Chi-Keung, Lee Chun-Yi, Lin Guocheng, Nan Qi, Tai Xiangzhou, Wei Qingji, Zhang Xiaoli, Xu Jianguo