Past Art Fair

Art021 2023

09 Nov - 12 Nov  |  2023
Nan QiTing WalasseWang MengshaWang TiandeXu JianguoZhang YingMan Fung-yi
Founded in 1981, Alisan Fine Arts has been at the forefront of promoting Chinese contemporary art locally and internationally, as well as championing female artists. For our booth this year, we will present 4 established Chinese artists, namely Nan Qi, Walasse Ting, Wang Tiande and Xu Jianguo, who reinvigorate Chinese ink paintings with their own aesthetic innovation. Furthermore, we are showcasing 3 female artists, namely Man Fung-yi, Wang Mengsha and Zhang Ying.

For the established artists that we are showcasing, they have all received international acclaim for their unique visual languages or distinctive methods, which have brought traditional ink painting more into dialogue with our modern day lived experience. Our booth will start with two Shanghai artists, Wang Tiande and Xu Jianguo, where Wang uses incense burns to create his unique landscape paintings, and Xu paints modern day cityscapes in traditional classical Chinese style on silk, a combination of the old and the new. Then, a wall of Walasse Ting’s paintings will come into sight, with his brightly coloured women, parrots, horse, grasshoppers and fruits. At last, centred to our booth is Nan Qi, who is famous for his exploration of the ink medium with his 3-D dots.

For the female artists that we are showing, they have received different accolades so far regarding their artistic endeavour. Man Fung-yi is famed for her “Cheongsam” series and her sculptures that reflects Taoist and Buddhist philosophies. Wang Mengsha paints common motifs found in traditional paintings, such as flowers, birds and scholar rocks, in a humorous manner. Zhang Ying uses her distinctive gongbi technique to create mesmerising composition of roaring waves and rocks, invoking a sense of contrast and power in a surreal background.

VIP Preview: 9-10 Nov, 1:00pm-8:00pm
Public: 11-12 Nov, 11:00am-6:00pm