Past Exhibition

New Ink Art: Innovation and Beyond

22 Aug - 26 Oct  |  2008
Chao Chung-hsiangChou IreneDing YanyongFang ZhaolingFay MingFung Ming-chipHa Bik-chuenKan Tai-keungLeung Kui-ting Lui Shou-kwanMan Fung-yiWang TiandeWong WuciusYang Jiechang
Alice King, director of Alisan Fine Arts cooperates with Hong Kong Museum of Art to present the “New Ink Art: Innovation and Beyond”, as an important exhibition in the “Hong Kong Art: Open Dialogue” exhibition series running from 2008 to 2009.
This ink art exhibition aims to explore the different facets and current development of the art through a display of ink paintings from local artists in conjunction with selected works of Mainland and overseas artists. It will also provide an opportunity for communication/dialogue between the three groups of artists, and for Hong Kong artists to be recognized on the global scene.
To achieve our aims, the exhibition will be held not just at the HKMA (Hong Kong Museum of Art), but also at a HKU SPACE learning centre. Public seminars will be organized to reach out to a wider audience.
Participating artists include early ink painters in Hong Kong Lui Shou-kwan, Ding Yangyong, contemporary ink artists Fang Zhaoling, Tian Chi and overseas ink artists Wang Tiande, Gao Xingjian.